Happy new ears! 6/01/09

Indeed it's a fresh sparkly new year and we're off again.

Steve has been invited to Hawaii to entertain a bunch of Pro Golfers......fore!!

But first Ross and I have some things to sort....

After a hearty lunch at Heathrow, Richard, Paul, Karl and myself head for our departure gate.

The 10 hours flight passes with a little hitch.
My headphone socket is damaged and as Karl is sat behind I share his port.
We have fun keeping our movies in sync with me nudging pause on my controller and having to play catch up!

A welcome night stop in LA and an Island hop lands us in Maui mid afternoon.
After a further 6 hours of flights and minus 10 hours to our body clocks are a little cranky!

And it's off to work to prepare for Fridays gig :)


Ian Jervis said…
Whats the plane then?
Anonymous said…
jason, do you have the set list form the united center? Would like to know what to expect this week.
Adrian said…
I was at the Friday night concert in New York -- AWESOME!!! For someone only a year younger than Steve Winwood, this was my first concert. I have one complaint- I tried to get an autograph both before and after the concert and was treated like smelly meat. I am a respectable woman -- the only person, might I add, trying to get an autograph -- well dressed, etc. and was hustled out like a drug dealer. Steve wasn't exactly swamped, yet in the end I was told to wait outside -- in 10 degree cold!! -- and I even did that for a half hour. When I lost all sensation in my hands and feet I headed to the subway, very disappointed.
But I still loved the concert, the new jamming style added a lot to the old tunes, and would go again. Maybe next time someone will ask Steve to spend 1/4 second scribbling his name.

If you want to contact me, do so at estebel@hotmail.com.

npred said…
Great concert at Foxwoods. We loved the set list. Great mixture of songs!!!
Sorry to hear adrian. I'm sure it was the venues staff and not steves. On the Brightside, at least the concert wasn't in winnipeg, Temperature this time of year is -45 plus windchill. NOW that is sensation losing temperature!!!
Hope to catch another concert this year.
Adrian said…
A shout-out to fellow fan Barry Trump, who emailed me and will send me something he managed to get autographed that night -- it's not my copy of the Winwood book "Roll with it", which was autographed by very gracious Jose and Karl, but it will a great memento. I don't know who was in charge, but the ushers from the venue were asking everyone for me if they could even take the book backstage, I wasn't trying to get backstage or anything, I just wanted the darn book signed. Anyway, I'd do it again, too!!!

New York in January is certainly not Toronto -- I was there once in March and it was much colder -- so yes, I look on the bright side.

And of course I'll go to any Winwood concert I can, whenever I can. Life is too short to miss these opportunities.

Roll with it, baby!!!

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