Fiagra Nalls 22/01/09

Ah now really is a bit chilly today!

Before setting the stage I'm off with Mr Paul Booth to check out the famous site.

We end up having an argument and spend some time on a snow covered bench to cool off!!!

JT, John, Karl and Steve also take in the sight....

Karl finds it all a bit too cold........
Meanwhile on a heated tour bus James and I battle wits in a game of Chess.

The show is a belter!! The kids loved it.... :)

After the trailer is packed and those waiting for autographs informed that Mr. W would not be out anytime soon....we all go back to our rooms for some well needed sleep before hitting the road..


candyman said…
Great show, indeed, not to mention great photos of the frozen Falls. Can you post setlists for the shows, or at least this one. Can't seem to find anywhere else on the www, nor my way home.
Anonymous said…
I agree, great show!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Great show awful venue

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