Divide and conquer

We hit LA and our party splits...

Steve and Eugenia head for New York.

Tyler and Jose will meet us in NY later.

Richard, Karl, JT and myself head for Nashville to collect our bus, driver and all the gear!

Frosty Nasville

On to Nashville and time to meet the new drum tech and merch seller!
Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please....

Mr.John Fields....

I ventured out to new places whilst giving old foamy a service.

JT took me to Brick Tops for the best darn burger I've ever had!

We had coffee at the frothy monkey and bought all the guitar spares I needed from Corner Music...thanks guys!

Mr.Hunter and Mr.Prine take us to the tour bus to meet our new driver, Tim ..fill the trailer and get to New York with Richard and Karl aboard!!!


Kane said…
Great show at Foxwoods! Really enjoyed the set and the new stuff is very solid. Got to get the CD.
Hey, interesting blog - had a blast rolling through it - love the photos - thanks for posting.

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