Afterglow 10/01/09

With Paul and award nominated James off to New York those remaining are faced with some time off.
This tour I shall be trying to improve my chess skills.
I recieved 2 fabulous travel sets for Christmas both from

It's time to set up on the balcony and see if I can persuade anyone to join me.

Another trip to the ocean for Tyler, Richard, Karl and myself.....

JT has left way way early for that famous Hawaiian surf, note the Tom Parish board, nice.

Tyler, Richard, Karl and myself go off in search of some fine local talent before our tea!
Dave is part of the crew so we get a great view behind the sound desk.

And lo.....the only Chinese restaurant on the Island.

Award Nominated and all round Incredible Human being, James 'BIG MIX' Towler!


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