Randers, Denmark.... Oh yes!

After a quick stop at the local supermarket to buy some coffee beans, we enter the venue.....and are treated to a smorgesboard for breakfast!

A fairly BIG dane with a smooth head and a bluff manor greets us and introduces himself as Dan..

Hmmm Dan the Dane?

Load in had begun.....

After we've set up Paul finds a little time to play with his stand before launching into Baker street!

Simon finds an empty theatre an easy audience to recite to..

That's amazing!!!

After show we're joined by a couple of friends from Copenhage.
Per and Per from a Per and Per cafe, Leah was unable to attend so hi if you're reading this.

They were responsible for the gig in Amanger Bio and getting us drunk afterward ;)
Leah pouring the drinks while Per and Per tipped the nod.

(Note: I confess to loosing a valuable piece of paper with Per&Per's cafe's name, sorry guys)


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