La Riviera

Up the stony path to the load in and we're greeted by large back-lit prints of some dubious nature......I say!! That'll my British sensibilities, easily shocked.

Ross finds another amusingly named product..oh how we laughed.

Ross finds another amusingly named product..oh how we laughed.

Richard warming up....

Karl Warming up..
Simon caught cleaning up.......... the rider again!

Steve, JT, Simon and myself get a bite to eat in a local cafe while James and Ross find a Burger King.

Steve is spotted and the usual 'I'll take the picture' scenario ensues.

So another well turned gig with a raucous football chant to end.

As the venue turned into a club within an hour of our show ending we had a frantic load out!

With language being a barrier I was in the back of the truck surrounded by the wrong cases very quickly.

Finally with some quick gestures and another pair of hands in the back we got there.

The next issue was how to the onslaught of vehicles out of our way so we could get the truck out of there.

My friend in the woolly jumper made it happen.

He went to the top to stop any more vehicle coming in and I walked ahead of the truck sending cars into spaces or back up the little hill...

And it's back to the hotel and bed.............


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