How tired.....?

We followed the sat nav and ended up at this posh 'country' gaff.

All out with baggage and it was out and 'where's our reservation?'....

As you've probably guessed we were at the wrong hotel!

About turn and....'oh it's a bit dark here'...Ah there we are..lights on!

There's Ross in the truck, also lost....I take a wrong turn....

That's it back on the road and James exclaims "What are you doing!'

Oh yes we're in the UK, we drive on the left....

Ok so we get there alive!

And Ross has given us some comedy names...

I'm Mr Edi...Mr J.Edi

Simon is Mr Calatori..S.Calatori
(take the i out and you've got a popular method of transporting shoppers)

The night receptionist liked having an Italian and mistook Jose for S.Calatori and spouts off in Italian.....

Jose's request for an ocean view however is not granted.

Beers and Bed.


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