Conservatorio di Milano.....20/11/08

So it's up and out and time to 'keep it real' as the hoodies arrive!

The load in is very exciting as we not only have to negotiate cobblestones but students as well!

The venue is a very beautiful apparently something to do with Verdi! no wifi :(

Set up is fine and we have a little fun getting the hammond in....
They were'nt around in the 18 century apparently, Joe Green should've had a word.

Soundcheck goes well with Satin settling in just fine, he has played with the band before ;)

It's off for the crew and Steve to find a spot of dinner and wish Ross a happy birthday.

The gig goes very well with a lot of fans stood at the front for Gimme some Lovin'.

Set lists are handed out and the load out is on.

Satin and Paul are off to enjoy some Italian nightlife...

Time to say adios to the Truckers as their long way home is imminent.

Steve, James, JT, Richard and myself have time for a little drink at the bar before bed.....


SR said…
B&W 'jazzer' foto:

Booth - "what u doin?"
Jervis - "nuthin" (inconspicuously capturing martian antenna sprouting from Paul's head). I have a thing for random candid shots. Made me giggle, that. (sorry)

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