Barcelona, such a beautiful horizon. 12-11-08

After a day at home updating my suitcase it's off to Barcelona!

The great thing about small airports like Bristol is that you're through enjoying a coffee waiting for departure in minutes.

All runs smoothly and I'm in a taxi to the hotel in Barcelona before I know it.

As I arrive I'm met by a couple of dishevelled truck drivers who have just arrived.

I accompany them to find a suitable parking space.

Look up in the air... Parakeets!

'That's amazing!' yells a happy Simon.

So after a quick clean up were off to find some lunch...mmmmm tapas.

Later on the rest arrive and while we're away to find dinner, they're off to watch a footy match.

Simon, Ross and I meet up with Paul and get paella in a local restaurant, which we will visit again!


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