Without further ado......

So just one month after our return from the Americas, we're getting ready to go out again.

With a little help this time from Ross... Check out his laminates!

And Simon' I'm an actor you know' Young...AKA tea boy!

Plus the usual suspects..James, in preparation!

Jet Poe, from across the water, he sailed single handed you know. But that's another story.

Oh and me...

The month home had been busy for all.

Steve celebrating his birthday with a few friends.

Karl and myself getting married, sadly not to each other.

Paul went out on his own tour.

Richard setting up his studio with some new kit.

Jet Poe and Jose surfing and keeping fit.

And James and Ross kept busy both organising the tour!


baz3333 said…
Welcome back Jez and nice to see you in Gateshead last night. Guitar chimp to Earl Grey chimp. Well done. Great gig. I will try and send photos later.
Jason Jervis said…
Thanks Baz, good to see you there last night enjoying yourself!
I'll look forward to the pics..
Btw it's Jas ;)

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