Way aye the lads!

Thanks to Mel, Eugene, Mal and our liaison John we get off to a good start!

Paul's Mum and Dad make an appearance...nice to see you both ;)

Paul had nipped out for lunch with his Gran earlier, but didn't convince her to show.

Good gig and a couple of loyal fans make an appearance.
Susan who is at the front of so many gigs in the UK and local lad Barry who has been a fan of the blog and commented along the way ;)

On the load out we're greeted by some signature hunters with more bags full of vinyl!

It was a pretty large gathering and a few were asking where the escort van was....

Steve obliged with sharpie in hand and we were soon off into the night pausing only to rest our heads in Doncaster.


Steve Street said…
I last saw Steve Winwood in concert back in July 1983 and that still rates as one of my favourite gigs.
I had, had tickets to a Traffic gig in sheffield a few years back but it was cancelled for some reason I cannot remember.
When I found out the great man was touring I just had to go and see him.
I checked both my own and my wife's shift roster. Working shift's plays havoc with my love of live music and football.
The Gateshead gig looked the best for both of us and she jumped at the chance to go to The Sage. I booked the tickets and a hotel for the night.
The gig was superb, the sound awesome in what is, a fantastic setting.
My last gig was at the Holmfirth Picturedrome to see The Damned and that was a far cry from The Sage. No beer sodden punks there.
My wife thought Steve was brilliant but she only knew 3 songs. She hasn't listened to the new album yet, or maybe I haven't let her!! As for the older Traffic stuff, well she only know's Hole in my Shoe and Paper Sun.
On the following morning I had to do my Dire Straits tour. In the song 'Tunnel of Love', Mark Knopfler, another of my heroes, sing's about Cullercoats and Whitley Bay, and so with these places only being up the road from Newcastle, off we went.
Then it was back to Manchester.

My wife is going out with friends on the 8th of November and I didn't fancy going wine tasting with them, so I was stuck for somewhere to go. I thought,
"I know I'll see where Steve Winwood is".
Therefore I'm pleased to say I will getting the coach down to London to see you guy's again at the Shepherds Bush Empire. I cannot wait. Wine tasting???

My regards to all, happy touring and keep rocking Steve, you are best.

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