Raging Sea

7 am and a blurry eyed crew get in their respective vehicles.

Simon rides with Ross, Steve is riding with JT and James rides with me.
The band are to fly.

So after driving up and across the country, passing through my home lands of North Wales, we reach Holyhead.

JT being our token American has been encouraged to take the wheel.
After a very bumpy start and a stall or 3 Steve takes over.
JT is not used to manual gear shifting it appears!

The ferry crossing is good and we arrive at our hotel safe and sound.

Just in time to pop out for a swift birthday curry in Dublin.

Yes it's my turn for a Birthday on tour..... :)

We caught the local bus from across the street and enjoyed the pleasures of public transport!

Look out for more tales of us utilising local amenities later.


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