One night in Harwich

After 3 or so hours on the road we hit the hotel, shattered, but with enough energy for a beer...

Morning came far too soon and after 40 minutes we were at the port, Ross was still sleeping though!

After a hearty breakfast in the truckers lounge we were back to our cabins for some much needed rest.
Simon met his Lithuanian friend for a nightcap.

Holland came and went whilst we wended our weary way to Hamburg.

James and I arrived an hour ahead of Simon and Ross.
Unfortunately all the restaurants had closed.

We satisfied our appetites with a sausage and some bread and cooked meats from the garage next door.
Band and JT take the plane...

The bar was still open and we met up with Steve, JT, Ross and Simon for a fist full of stein!

See how the American gets more than he bargained for with a 'small' beer!


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