Back to Europe 14/10/08

In fact I'd arrived home, spend an afternoon sleeping followed by a take away and an early night with my beautiful wife.

Then a weekend in the studio, recording my kids from the Forest of Dean!
If you can think Jack Black in a rural England, that's me :) when not on tour.

So it's up early and a quick bite of breakfast thanks to Denzils!
It's funny but the chap making the tea looked rawfully familiar.
With our bellies full of fry up we have to take a trailer full of gear to the bus,
as it wont make dead mans corner.

James and I had met our new driver the night before and taken him a take away.
It wasn't long before everybody had met the jovial Trevor, part Durham part Irish and a great driver :)

With a very tightly packed trailer and a bus missing a sax player we set off for Dover.
Jose takes charge of making the first cuppa of our adventure.

Simon is trying to catch James' attention as he improves upon his recent unveiled 'Bottom'.

As we can see Simon will have to try harder if his acting is going to save the world.

And so into the great European frontier we go with Jet Poe and myself at the helm.


Irene said…
Seems the road wont lead your tour to Sweden - so I'm coming to London instead! Yes - it's Sheperd's Bush Empire Nov 7 :)
Haven't seen Steve on stage since Traffic days (last time at Stockholm University I think). Really looking forward to it and counting the days....
Love from Sweden.
baz3333 said…
Great to see another US tour mate. Will be (hopefully) at the NY gig on 16th Jan and Foxwoods on 17th
baz3333 said…
Do you want me to bring some English meat pies across?? I know you cant get them in NY!!
SR said…
Really nice inside your bus.

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