Outside Lands

Off we go to work as soon as I wake......and then the long wait!

Tyler tries to make friends with the local mole.

We finally get to build our stuff on the back of the Tom Petty Truck that brought it from Pheonix.

Mr. Stanton Moore and Galactic' Crescent City play out there set while we try and figure out a a new problem..

It appears we have an organ that might go out of tune due to the fluctuations of the festival generator....

'Plan B' is formed!

When we do get the stage all hell is let loose not as quick a change over as we'd have liked.

Double checks are not performed and waters are delivered as the first bars are played!

A total blinder of a show, but we're out of time and I have to tell Steve, gulp, that he has to end on Fantasy..

The crowd went WILD!!! They wanted more, by gosh did they ever....but we had to leave and pack down!

Food and a quick walk with Tyler to see one of our fav bands play...PRIMUS!

Wicked, wicked, wicked! My name is MUD...sorry it seems it's dog....

Mixed by Decibel Dave, under fire from the crowd to push up 5db!! Cheeky..as it sounded good anyway!

My thoughts are that if you want your ears to bleed...stand by a speaker.
If you want good sound...find the engineer :)

We met with Paul from Meyer sound who invited us to share some top booze with him and Dave later.

Who are we to turn down such an offer, I ended up going in with Paul and we drank some great bourbon and received a fine fleece and torch. thanks guys :) we also met Mark who dispensed the goodies.

So all this fine music and we actually felt like we'd been to a festival....not worked one.

However I had to get back to work and prepare for another guest with Tom.

Festivals are where a crew tests its mettle against limited power and time restraints!

Stuart, Tom's FOH, was having big problems with power and Tom's show is stopped just before 'Can't Find My Way Home'.

I rush on with the amp set the right 'patch' and get ready with the guitar.

Just before Steve arrives I pick up the cable and plug in to an horrific sqeal!

Ben and Mike from the heartbreakers turned and laughed.
I promised them an encore!

Looks like stage power went down and reset the patch!

So a glass or 2 or vino and we've got a group of Frisco cats hanging by our bus.

Jazzy Jen, friend of James' but now us all brought some friends..John Murray from the Height Ashbury Free Clinic...who had found the blog before it was advertised and had spoken to Jen about it!

Also met a couple of guys from a company making speakers from hemp!

It's been a long day and I was ready for a nice restful sleep.


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