One Last TIme.....

Ok so after 3 months of touring with the same people everyday you become family.

What can I say it was all a bit emotional.

Jet Poe gets a beating from Manny, now that's emotional!!

Richard Bailey had a visit from Pat Brown from Promark, nice guy!

One of the Drivers, Joe is leaving the company after this tour and I get chance to take a few pics inside his cab.

Driver Bill gets some booty from Joe!

Mark 'Mr.BBQ', Bugs and Karl watch Mr.Fantasy one last time.

So the last show went well and the trailer pack goes swiftly. James locks the trailer with a few cases left out to fly home.

So I sit enjoying a cigar and a glass of vino with Steve an Tyler next to the trailer..
Before going back in to say our goodbye's.

Margarita's and dips in the production office.....and with that we hit the road.

Thank you and goodnight Heartbreakers and crew.

These guys were a lot of fun and always there with a warm welcome.
Light up! Mondo, Jerry, Sean, Jason and JT....

Well almost Jerry was carpenter..who helped me no end of times!
With Jack, who helped fix our hammond case, Jerry made me a couple of very special boxes
( he's a really top bass player/ singer too! check him out:

Kevin 'MrKeys' Brown was somewhat ellusive when I was taking pictures..good guy.

Loads of others like Mick, Phil, Merch Mark, Tel and Josh alwys up for a laugh.

Drum Tech Steve was always good to riff with, JT and I had a top Jam with him in Canada.

I shall miss Manny, Mark and Bugs..

.............They were good to me, anything I needed they were there.

And that was the ensuing vibe throughout, the Tom Petty people were there for us....

What a great tour......


Irene said…
Thanks for sharing moments of life on the road! A lot of hard work but a lot of fun too I guess. Without you the music would not sound so good or at least not very far! Hope you will have some time to relax before next tour. Will you follow Steve in Europe too? Your "Master and Commander" is a music wizard - he put a spell on me loooong ago - and it seems to last forever ;) What a brilliant musician he is!
Lots of love to crew and band. Maybe some day you will even come to Sweden!
Jason Jervis said…
Yes I will be on the road in Europe.
If I get time I will be blogging ;)
I had the pleasure of driving through Sweden last year, on our way to Notodden Blues Festival in Norway.
Beautiful county
baz3333 said…
Glad you all came through the tour unscathed. Will see you in Gateshead. You will really enjoy the Sage, fabulous accoustics. Might see you in the bar before or after the gig.
SR (sarah) said…
For an awful moment I thought that's that. Then realised I'm only half way through, yey! Funny how after the visit to central camera all the 'fish eye' pics emerged (nice lens).

Q: what are those boxes immediately behind that drum kit? Beautifully upholstered in the diamond cover? Best wishes.
Jason Jervis said…
Hey Sarah, that'll be Steve Ferroni's monitors! The diamond cloth is from a classic Vox amp.
Glad you're enjoying the blog..
There are plenty more wide angle shots on the way...
SR said…
Thank you Jason : ) Had to look up and 'drum monitor' to understand its use. I can see an authentic vox amp (amplifier) to the right. Monitors are ugly things; the custom made upholstery adds a lovely cosmetic (& functional?) touch. Nice matching gear!

They resemble the 80s cube coffee tables my parents still have! Have a lovely day wherever you may be.

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