San DEigo, I love lamp.

A full day off!

A of shopping with Karl and Richard, Paul...came and left us looking for denim love.

Plans are formed for a cinema trip to see Tropic Thunder...

But first James, JT and I pop off for a top curry Royal style.

Karl, Paul, JT and myself attend and greatly enjoy the feature!

Humphreys by the bay

It's always nice to return to a venue and have a warm welcome :)
Thanks guys!

Time to relax in the pool.

A little modification to the venue to damp down the miked leslie cab.
And it's a guest appearance from Jo who catered practically alone!

Steve irons a shirt once owned by the Duke of Northumberland.

So our last exclusive gig of the tour....and it was a blinder!!

Check out the signed Guitar being held aloft and the flowers on stage courtesy of Tina ;)

And we're off through the night to Pheonix!


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