River Rocks!!

So off we go to Vancouver and our own gig at River Rock casino.

A day off and a bit of rest..once the key on the Hammond was fixed :)

So a day for a few little set backs...

James' screen goes down and we have a bit of an issue with the vocal mics.

Waiting for soundcheck....MrPoe and Master Winwood, who joined us at Vancouver.

Serious programming from Tyler.......

With all those problems it was necessary to inform Health and Safety..
Officers Poe and Jervis in attendance.

Good show Tyler, all that programming paid off!

And the Kids went wild!!

Adios Canada!


JeremyJonson said…
well you guys do a good job.I was just at the gorge here in Washington . the show went very smooth. As a musician I'm always checking everything out and it sounded great. and petty was good. but I went to see steve. (who should be headlining I thought since I heard about the show)I have learned a lot from his voice and songs .
its cool to see these pictures man. you lucky guitar chimp!
Dingo said…

Thanks for blogging on tour. I can't wait to see Steve and the band at the Outside Lands Festival this Saturday in Golden Gate Park.

Could you throw us a bone and post a recent setlist?

soulhealer said…
Yes River Rock really rocked. The sound was great but there was time enough for at least three more songs. Maybe next time. The highlight for me was Steve's organ solo in Empty Pages. Nice pic of Richmond and Vancouver in the background.
Y'all come back now
Jason Jervis said…
Why do you want bones when your getting prime rib?
Please check the myspace as I've just sent all the recent set lists to be published there ;)
Glad you're enjoying though and keep reading!
Al Cooper said…
This is just a momentary piece of madness, but there are several old restored theatres in Eastern Canada (Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick and Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick)plua others. These old theatres have a sound all their own, and acoustically they are wonderful. If Steve Winwood ever came this way, he would fill them for days on end. He has a huge fan base here. Just a thought.

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