Irvine, so close to LA it's full of people from LA.

In fact at the end of Tom's show the guests from side stage swarmed the stage and generally caused problems!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.....slam on the breaks and get up to date!

Tylers good buddies Carston and Larry make an appearance.....

Blistering hot day and it's team Winwood in skins!

Yeah! Looking cool even though it's Soooooooo HOT!!

Mister Bailey rocking the kit!

Jet Poe verses the Sphinx.....

Tom Petty's Guitar Tech and top geezer Bugs!

Scott and Ron's Tech Mark Skaggs muses over Bugs' son Travis' guitar...

Good catering again delivered with smiles from Brooke and Co..

And just before we leave a very excited Mr Booth opens the fridge to get a beer..

It flies from the fridge and smashes!

Mr Towler cleans up with a little help from the bus hoover.

And it's off to our bunks after some DVD action courtesy of the royal marine commando's.


Phil said…
Hey Brother, it was great to tour with you! Hope we get to do it again. Give me a shout when you're back on this side of the pond!

Anonymous said…
I would like to comment that the concert was AWESOME!!!! I mean I never been to a concert with such excitement. I loved hearing Mr. Winwood sing his music live. I have always loved his music as well as Tom Petty. Anyways, I hope you guys come over to Houston Tx again I would love to see a major tour with Mr. Winwood headlining it. I also loved Petty's part of the concert. Anyways, It was awesome I had a Blast and I will never forget this concert!!!

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