Gorge- us!

The Gorge, Washington State. A place of natural beauty, oh yeah baby!!

Just watch out for rattlesnakes and scorpions!

The weather is hot again at around 100 degrees fahrenheit, 37 degrees celsius.

We have 2 chalets and a patch of grass to call our own, Camp Badger!

The washing line is up and in use almost immediately thanks to a fence post and basket ball hoop.

As are the preparations for the after show barby!

Steve and I are locked in a deep pre show conversation about the differences between a corncob and a calabash! Please note the traditional British summer attire, Gawd bless 'er Majusty!

The long walk.........

Top show, how could it fail with the sun setting one side......

.........and minutes later the moon rising!

So with the gear stashed in the back of one of Mr.Petty's trucks we're ready for some top grill action followed by drunken jamming!

I try my hand at jazz fusion with Mssrs.Booth and VanDenBossche on keys and drums....

After another burger and a few glasses of vino destructo JT took to the keys with Cal providing the backbeat and yours on experimental firebird!!....nice


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