Figure 8 out, on the Island

So after a hard day at the beach and a good nights sleep..

Time for a visit to JT's beach-house...and another day at the beach!

Now the sun was high, Cal and Lily both wearing t-shirts while they swam, Steve under an umbrella and the rest of us trying desperately to catch a tan.

Oops an English tan?....look out it's the lobster boys!

Paul and I are both into the idea of surfing.
You know the freedom of the sea and riding waves?
The wind in your hair, the surf at your toes.....
Well boogie boarding is as close as we can safely get.

And along came Tyler for the thrill of it...
All trying desperately to understand what it is to 'catch' a wave.

Nobody told what to do, so when I got off and my chest was raw.
Grazed and chaffed to high heaven I realised boogie boarding was not for me.

After a jog on the beach with Karl and Paul it was time to have some southern style cooking courtesy of Mr & Mrs Poe...and Daisy brought duck

Genia, Cal and Lily left us for home and we all tucked in to southern hospitality, Poe style.

Thanks very much to Mr and Mrs Poe ;)


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