Eat me in St.Louis

And it's back to work, a nice spot of rain, had it followed me?

So the venue houses a little shack for Ampeg, Alvarez and Dan Armstrong peopled by a couple of nice blokes : Mark andDave.
Those boys also run a top vintage emporium Killer Vintage...
We've got the shirts ;) look out for them in future blogs.

Day off in Southern Hills, Sioux City

Well a day off to help ease us into US time! A trip to the Mall some new DVD's for the bus, Steve gets a new series of 'Curb your Enthusiasm', JT buys Fletch, James buys a device to hook up his iPhone to his bunk and I get the Oliver Stone box set.

Steve and JT find washing line and pegs by masquerading as set designers at Hobby Lobby. I had a swim and sat in the sun reading my book.

We end up at the local Aussie Steak House for supper.
Steve gets spotted but all is cool.
But what were we doing in town?


SR said…
Tip: a ruler and pencil behind ear (set designer wardrobe). Criminally deceptive.

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