Mile high city and a mile high festival....but first a spot of shopping and a trip downtown!
Jose, Tyler and myself wait for the train.
Jose makes sure the pole stays up while Tyler admires his shoes...

When we arrived Jose went off while Tyler and I walked the length of 16th street.

We witnessed a man getting booked for leaving his dog tied outside a book shop.
They've got some strange ideas, they were telling him it was animal cruelty!
In the UK we always take our dogs everywhere and it's very common to see a hound tied up in front of a shop just ready for some petting ;)

All this excitement and we're hungry, sushi-time, and we bump into cameraman Phil from Tom Petty's crew and chow down begins.

Dawn cometh and The Mile high festival.
Very hot weather with beautiful clear skies, nice if you don't have to lug!
So plenty of water and an even pace, altitude can play havoc with you.
Thankfully there's plenty of help from the locals and golf carts to the stage from the dressing rooms....
The show was good if a little set by a couple of minor technical issues, the kids loved it!!

After our show Jose joined his old friend Spearhead on stage...

Just want to say what a great crew they have, one of my issues was cleared thanks to them.
Cheers guys =)

Relaxing outside the bus later on we were joined by some of MOE's crew and the tour manager and the tour manager and band State Radio, nice guys!

Oh and the Hip Hop Momma too! With promises of home cooked organic loveliness next time around...


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