Day 2 at the Gorge

So JT, Cal,PAul, Richard and Karl hire a boat and go down to the lake.

Tyler and his buddy Lee-John (now known as Dijon due to an unfortunate accident with a football and some mustard) went fishing...

I hung with the Gaffer and James and updated the blog.

Showtime and time for a little surprise for Steve! (Thanks Dijon for the FOH pic)

Just before Steve launches into Dear Mr.Fantasy I arrive on stage with the Strat and crouch by his amp while he introduces the band..
Now JT had aquired a nice hi-vis vest with reflective stripes in Vancouver for just this moment!
So Steve introduced the band as they giggled at a luminous monkey.

When steve turned around he laughed, then said "I thought you were going to wear something bright on stage".

This was in reference to a conversation we had about why roadies wear black on stage.....


ShellyJ said…
Ha ha!!
I can see the band thought you looked very dashing in your top!! Or were they just dazzled!!
.....and we thought you were working!! ha we had a giggle about that one!
We're really enjoying the blogs, the gigs sound amazing love to everyone!
Take care big bro love little sis and the family x x x

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