Belleville Rendez-vous

So Mr.Mark Rashotti owns the cafe, the theatre and the square!

He also owns a nice fisheye lens ;) which he was kind enough to loan me.

A mad rush to clear the bus before our 10 day break!!

Two months of hardcore living leaves a lot of mess...but we got there :)
Our last show before home and some great hospitality, great BALT sandwiches at the cafe too!

Top light show Tyler :)) as caught by 180 degrees of side stage photo...

Cheeky booth...
Jet Poe verses the Shadow


So the second leg is complete!
Off to hotel, then airport, then home....except Karl who gets stuck in Toronto due to storms!

I make it home to my lovely fiancee, Kelly and some top time off!!


JeremyJonson said…
haa haa ha, that is a great picture of Steve.
baz3333 said…
Great gig at Belleville Jez. I have photos of you but cannot get them to you on here so have sent to Steve's Myspace and website. Rock on and I will see you in Gateshead, a small matter of 5 miles travel instead of the usual 8000 plus!!!


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