Nashville...and time off!

So Richard, Karl and myself land in Nashville...Greg goes home.
Steve and JT North California, Paul and James end up in NY, ,
Jose San Fran and Tyler stays home.

The Nashville adventure begins with a plane ride and hiring a car.....
We take the high street in search of Cowboy boots....mmmmm....mmmm

Karl taKeS the WHEEL...and after a trip or 2 to Wal*Mart, a Cheesecake Factory..
a Cracker Barrel, Guitar Center ( Big thanks to Porter, Kyle and Hooper) and Wan WIng's fine Chinatown restaurant we were ready for a night at Ole Gregs .

So we leave our Hotel after a very short 4 days...not enough pool action...

The Nashville adventure ends with us returning the car and petting a small dog, hi Cathy.


Anonymous said…
Hope you enjoyed your time in Nashville, where I live. There are so many good places you could check out besides Wal-mart though! Next time you are in town, please try out our food, restaurants, and nightlife.
Jason Jervis said…
We did and thoroughly enjoyed..
The Wal*Mart thing is a running joke with the crew and band... ;)

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