Well a couple of days off around a gig at Summerfest!

Tyler, Jose and I dragged Paul to see Stone Temple Pilots the first night we got there....
With newly acquired hats!!
He enjoyed his first 'ROCK' outing but wasn't going to buy the album..
Nice trad for all the jazz clubs I've been to with him.
I'm a Vince Noir to his Howard Moon :0..
Needless to say he didn't join us when we went to see 311.

So our show was a total mind blower!!
The roof was raised and the kids went really wild!
I mean you daren't touch anything at the venue for fear of being electrocuted,
it was THAT good a show!

As we've celebrated many birthdays of late..uh hum.. albeit quietly.
Tyler, Greg and Jet Poe....;-)
Steve decided to take us all out for a meal.
!! HOORAH !!Tyler and James had had a head start as Steve and I left them enjoying happy hour whilst we scoped out the army surplus store for weapons of minimal instruction.... ie water canteens....

A fine time was had by all and we left Milwaukee under a barrage of thunder and folk lightening..Thanks God the LD!


mary said…
who is all the people in dinner picture

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