I always find this place bizarre..however this time was different.

A spell at Tylers pad, and a taste of home.....
Well it was someone's and not a hotel :) thanks mate ;)

I made friends with his cat Cheetah almost immediately!
I petted, he removed chunks of my flesh, nice kitty.

But we made up and it was off to get sushi, but none for Cheetah... :(

Day off and a trip to the beach was enjoyed by all...Steve, Paul, JT, Tyler, myself
and Carsten, a good friend of Tyler's, what a nice bloke.

I cut my foot open on a rock whilst trying to photograph the wildlife.
Damn those pesky ground squirrels!
I had to limp up the hill just to enjoy the Daffodils, arhh my Welsh weakness!!

Nice Romantic shot of Tyler and JT....


SR said…
Lol'd at the Californian 'daffs'

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