Cookout at the Holiday Inn.

So with all those gigs under our belts what we really needed was a top flight evening! So we get to Darien Lakes a day early and during a reccy Tyler finds a bbq which has been cast asunder....Which gets us to thinking..
bah buh bah bah::
C O O K O U T ! !!!! ! ! !

The plan, like any good plan catches the hearts and minds of all!
So Tyler and I go off to the nearest Wal*Mart and procure the necessary meats and rolls and via Home Depot secure our fuel and device for the chargrilling of said meats.

Oh the car park of our hotel had never seen so much excitement as we camped outside of our tour bus. Now just a word of warning to any of you out there hoping to follow our glorious example: Remember to get the permission of the hotel first!
Mr Nice Sherif will not be so nice if you don't ;)
So with the right coals and extra chairs provided by a slightly poorly James, ta very much...
the fire began!
Bangers primed (sausages to those who don't know) burgers brushed and onions peeled...with the help of Steve we brought a couple of flightcases out to provide us with some well needed surfaces.
Crew Monthly BBQ edition:

One of the top moments of the night was when a couple edged over and asked Tyler if he was steve! Then realised he was a little young and turned first to Jose and then Steve...
We let them off after a while and Steve signed the 9 Lives CD they had.
There we're a couple more visitors throughout the night a couple thaqt had travelled 9 hours to see the show, also got their 9 Lives signed ;) and winner of the guest pass Kyler, who helps maintain the railroads! Nice....

So a good night with good food good company and finally a midnight trip to Wal*Mart, just because we can.

After everyone had gone to bed Tyler and I cleaned up. I'd just started playing a song I'd been writing when half a dozen more folk arrive. They'd been playing pool with Richard in the bar whilst we were out so they thought they'd stop by.
They'd heard me playing so I was coaxed into playing a couple of songs from my band Mandelinky, which was nice.

And pleasant dreams were had by all.


毒度幽灵 said…
oh yes i like this blog
muldoon said…
very much enjoyed your blog and the cookout pics were great... keep up the fab job.

Jeff Miller said…
Hey Jason!! Jeff and Rachel here from down-town Midsomer Norton. Hope the tour is going well and see you back at Chew whenever.
SR said…
5 star story. Random loveliness.

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