Cookout 2: Ole Gregs Live Hens Show

Cock a doodle Do!

So here's the thing..At the bus depot Karl and I take Greg's lil red Corvette, resplendent with booming AC-DC!
Richard and Greg drive the bus to Gregs.

Or SO we thought!

The BUS broke down!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek

Karl and I went back to the bus to rescue Richard.... this time in Auntie Pat's car.

Not to worry though a cookout always clears the blues!

Thanks to April (white tee) and Karls head we managed to start the grill, phew...A few bottles of Sierra and a chicken....

And a bumper box or two of fireworks made sure we were needing plastic surgery to remove our smiles!!

Karl and Zero..
Tara and the cockrel


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