Gig2 and Canada

The Detroit gig went well, standing ovation during Mr.Fantasy!
Pack down went smooth without the termites storming the stage and ripping everything apart,
like they did at grand Rapids.
So all in all a good 'get out'.

Sleep on the bus disturbed by a trip to the Canadian border patrol....
not knowing whether Tyler , or Lighting Director (LD) would get across, he did (see photo)

Oh Canada!

Or so the story goes, is full of correctly spelled words and familiar brands, all in a large American style package, nice!

Walked the city with Tyler and ened up at a Hard Rock bar, only because it opened up into the Rogers Centre. This has the largest retractable roof of any stadium, and its really really BIG!!
so a bit of lets play the tourist.....maybe more later today.

Well thats a lil bit more,,,,,now I'm going to enjoy my day off!


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