The 7 Trucks of Petty

On to and humid...with a nice electical storm!
Well actually a Hotel in Manassa site of some civil war battles and a fine Cracker Barrel!
Top southern food for not too many bucks!
Jt Poe, Steve and myself went to see Iron Man! Hoorah for Marvel superheroes.
Tyler and I did our washing...mmm clean undies :)

Nissan Pavillion in Bristow (L?) hothothothothot! dripping hot too much sweat dripping in my eyes!

By the time the gig was done I'd lost at least 20lbs!..
Only to be gained again due to excess consumption of top catering!

So when we hit Wierton, West Virginia I went shopping to make sure I hd all the things I needed....
I must say there wasn't a lot of choice but they did have a Walmart and a Big K....
Bandana to stop sweat dripping in my eyes, 'ball cap to shade my eyes, shorts and a fan for the obvious!
After a soak in the pool we ate at McDonalds and watched a movie, Idocracy, on the bus before bed...

Next gig Burgettestown, Pittsburgh.
Wearing my 'new' attire Manny, mentor guitar tech, said I looked like Bristol trailer trash!
He was referring to Nascar capital Bristol, Tennessee......

Followed by New England Dodgy centre ;) Harford Connetticutt
Our first out door arenas....or as their know 'Sheds'!

Check this out! There was a golf driving range..the hole in the middle of a lake.
After the sun had set a fine mist had formed over the lake, eerie.


Anonymous said…
Elements of fine art photography. Great capture and story behind it.

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