Easy as 1-2-3

Saturday wrote Mr. Kipling, eastern time..some 5 hours behind blighty!
I have come through jet lag, 1 arena gig and 2 hotel breakfasts to arrive at this blog.

America is as I left her, still unsure if seconds was a good idea.

The first gig went down a storm, even the single of dirty city was sung along to.
It looks like Tom's fans can be Steve's fans too.

My job went relatively smooth, guitars were in tune and delivered on time ;)
Tom's guitar tech, Manny, helped me out a couple of times with tools and such, nice guy.

The bus vibe from last summer is back and looks to be set for this long haul.....


Kelly-Ann said…
Nice hotel rooms! Bet you miss our 70s built-in wardrobes don't you?
Love ya
Robbie said…
sounding good Dopple J, lets see some movies though! thats what youtube is there for! :p
Anonymous said…
If this is post #1, good. Took me 5 minutes scrolling time to get here. This w/end will be spent reading along from page 1. Interesting times for me and interesting diary idea. Best wishes.

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