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2 Dates at the Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY 13/03/18

Back to the Historic Capitol Theater - for 2 whole dates.. A very telling Picture of what is to come.. No fooling around this time on a dark stage.. The rider is appropriately salty! And here it is .. The fabulous Rig that I've waited 3 years to play with! The Man with the White Guitar is getting all Psychedelic... nice! And it's a short hop over the road for some eats! Mexican style ] 120BPM North.. Second moody shot, this time of Jet himself - Which is where I sat the last time! And it's Showtime!! The kids go wild - and the air ----------------DAY TWO---------------  Brett gives me a hand tweaking the Program -  I had the best night running that rig so I wanted to make tonight's show my best ever!  Sound check and a Man with a cheque.. shhhh it's a surprise! Lilly rocking the Stage Door! And the Stage is set...Kids have arrived ready to have their minds blown! Low Spark is all it's Blueness... A wicke

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